My Writing

Being a writer, you tend to write things. Here are some of my own attempts at a story.

“With A Mentality -“

The second draft in, so far. “Two Dallas buskers become involved in a local protest, that’s rapidly growing larger and larger, and louder in measure. There’s a fire in their bellies, there is.”

“Short the First – “

This was something I wrote a couple of months ago, for a project I was supposed to do with another guy a couple of towns over, that fell through – a very short and simple attempt to try and tell a story without dialogue.

“Something to Look Forward To -“

Another short, this one a little longer at thirteen pages – it’s semi-related to “With A Mentality,” actually, in passing. It’s also kind of a prologue to a longer project – and a character – that I intend to get around to, once I get up the gumption to decide where it is I want to take it, and that’s the hard part.

“Arthur Passing Through -“

This is a continuation of the previous short, “Something To Look Forward To,” taking place some seven or eight years later with the same central character. I’m not sure if I’m entirely happy with it, just yet – here and there – but, all the same.

More to come along, pretty soon.

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