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Summer Fun To Come – July 19th, 2010

Ahoy, there.

Apologies for the longer-than-usual absence, e-readers – lots of summer fun and profit going on over here, as well as a few other things that I’ll be announcing shortly. But, don’t fret – coming up in the next couple of days, reviews of – the Wachowski Bros., much maligned Speed Racer adaptation, Jean-Jacques Annaud’s ambitious 1991 softcore film The Lover alongside a short discussion on the possibilities of pornography (or, erotica – if you want to be even more particular, and exclude those weird, coldly analytical fuckers like Breillat and so on) as a relevant film genre, Christopher Nolan’s new critical golden-goose Inception, which Armond White says “lacks the kineticism and energy of Michael Bay’s Transfomers 2,” and a few short looks at a couple of the other films I’ve happened across in the last couple of weeks, including  the animation blindsider How To Train Your Dragon, Nicholas Refn’s Bronson (which really only has one point of attraction), and – oh god.

Oh my god.

This movie.

You know that movie that you hear about, being called a ‘cult favorite’ by the radio personalities you listen to – in this case, Tom Scharpling who I’m beginning to think has particularly shitty taste in movies in general – but you never actually hear it being talked about, talked about? And, you wonder why? And, then – like, you watch it? And, then you wish you hadn’t?

That movie.

And, a lot of the rest of  my struggle in the last few weeks has been directed toward getting a particular essay of mine published in print, whether or whereabouts. So, we’ll see what comes of that, as well.

So, see you in two or three, readers.

Henry J.

(The Filmist)

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