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The Internet’s Greatest Comic’s Podcast


 For anybody who’d like to hear my terrible voice, I’ll be a part of The Internet’s Greatest Podcast every Monday at midnight (or thereabouts) – where I along with two others will review comics and movies and music and. . .you know, all that stuff on a weekly basis.

 You can download the episodes or stream them (a recent innovation, which will be obvious) at DoomedHuh.com  – in this week’s episode, we discuss our misdaventures with Peter Weller, the mistake that is DC’s New 52, Harmony Korine’s film career, Spring Breakers and try to get to the core of “just what is the appeal of dubstep?” because we’re old people.

 We just convinced the host to start streaming it instead of posting ungodly huge download links. And, next week, we’ll be doing our first call-in, I think. Fuuuun.

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Aaron Schoenke’s “Batman: City of Scars” @ Blogcritics

Well, readers. I decided to try something different – in keeping with what seems to be an unintentional focus on the superhero genre on my blog these last few posts, I thought I’d take a look at something that every other fanboy I know has been clamoring about, over the last couple of days. It’s a fan-film (!) that’s been getting a lot of hoo-ha and attention since its release, Aaron Schoenke’s “Batman: City of Scars.” And, while I can’t say much for it in a narrative or actorly sense, visually it’s an astounding piece of work, especially when you consider it had a budget just this side of what Kevin Smith had to use on Clerks – you can find my full review here, at Blogcritics.

Give the man a cigar.

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