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Aaron Schoenke’s “Batman: City of Scars” @ Blogcritics

Well, readers. I decided to try something different – in keeping with what seems to be an unintentional focus on the superhero genre on my blog these last few posts, I thought I’d take a look at something that every other fanboy I know has been clamoring about, over the last couple of days. It’s a fan-film (!) that’s been getting a lot of hoo-ha and attention since its release, Aaron Schoenke’s “Batman: City of Scars.” And, while I can’t say much for it in a narrative or actorly sense, visually it’s an astounding piece of work, especially when you consider it had a budget just this side of what Kevin Smith had to use on Clerks – you can find my full review here, at Blogcritics.

Give the man a cigar.

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Peter Stebbing’s Defendor @ Blogcritics

I’ve decided to extend and republish my old review of Peter Stebbing’s Defendor through the critical armchair collective that is Blogcritics – my internet monopoly extends even further. You can read it here.