Moving Pains and Various Men-In-Tights

There should’ve been reviews up for the three films mentioned in the third post previous, by now. What’s the deal with that, right? This guy’s getting his slack off on. Well, I’m moving into a larger house, just down the way – so, with all of the confusion and conflagration that comes with a process like that, there’s been little time to sit down and write out my thoughts on, well, anything. Moving several people into one house all in one go is a tiring endeavor – because I live in a pseudo-commune inside an apartment, y’see. Just like we used to do back in the mid-nineties, when we slept on the floor and drank store-brand OJ.

In any case, speaking of the spandex-clad, we’ve just recently gotten a look at the filmic iterations of not just Captain America, but Thor as well. And, I’ll say it – I like the former quite a bit, but the latter is far too military and industrialized for a character as primal as The God of Thunder. Still, I’ll never get the impulse to make these particular character’s costumes ‘realistic,’ or ‘battle-ready,’ or whatever term the fanboys are currently throwing around. They’re supposed to function in-story primarily as pieces of iconography first, armor second if at all, and this is especially true of a character like Captain America, in particular. It’s supposed to be something garish, bright and colorful. I mean, here’s a character that’s supposed to be American Idealism personified in the midst of World War II, and an active inspiration to the men on the front lines and all of that, and they’re talking about ‘muting his colors?’ Whaaat is this? I hear they’re even including some type of sequence where Chris Evans dons the Kirby-esque togs as some kind of USO performer and quickly disregards them for being too – ridiculous? Really? This is what it’s come to? And, Thor – well, I’ve never been too large a fan of anything involving the character himself, but isn’t he, like, a god? Why is he wearing paratrooper pants and combat boots? One of his defining attributes it’s always seemed like is that he’s someone who’s steeped in the archaic, and even Branagh’s said as much when asked about it. The contrast created between the old-world Asgard and the newer contemporary society is going to be a large point of the film, so why the need to re-contextualize the character like this?

Bad form, guys. Bad form. And where’s his little bird wings those things were so cool

And, that’s how you do filler. Catch you in a few –

(Credit for the image above of course goes to AICN – but, I linked to them already, so I’m in the clear)

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