Dallas International Film Festival – Opening Night Coverage Up

Over at my new mainstay, EInsiders, they’ve just posted up the first part of my four-day, five-night DIFF coverage – with more to come, I’m certain. I believe there’s an Opening Night red carpet gallery in there somewhere, as well. What’s been posted was originally one lump article, but EInsiders have decided to chop it up into relevant segments. And, more power to ’em, say I, although I don’t know what this will mean for how these individual pieces will read, being written as pieces of a whole as they were – something that’s a little obvious with the review of Multiple Sarcasms, which was originally two lump paragraphs. In any case – what’s up at the moment, though? We’ve got:

The Dallas IFF is Decadent and Depraved – Opening Night Coverage

A Review of Brooks Branch’s Multiple Sarcasms

An Interview With Brooks Branch

One of the things I’m particularly looking forward to writing in the next couple of days is a review of the new release, Winter’s Bone – which is possibly the best film I was an audience member of. It is dazzling in it’s mundanity and it’s humanity – in the way its raw emotion pops out at you, and grabs with harsh hands. But, I’ve said enough. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone.

Oh, and – see those two mooks goofing off on the stairs behind and to the left of Gary Cogill, in this video? That’s my crew and I – I’m the leprechaun with the red hair and steno pad, y’know.


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