Downtime – March 29th, 2010


Well, I’d planned to get something up on Spielberg’s The Terminal last week, but maybe this week sometime. But, the big things I’ve been working on recently are still to come – Gone Cinema Poaching‘s been down for three days at last count, but whenever it resumes service, which should be pretty soon, I’ll have two pieces up for all of you mooks, one of which is a review of Chris Gore’s old black-and-white collage short film Red, and the other is a longer, standard review of Peter Stebbings’ abandoned theatrical release Defendor, with Woody Harrelson. Shouldn’t take too long – and, I just received my copy of Christopher Pomernke’s new documentary The Heart Is A Drum Machine earlier today in the mail, so we’ll see what comes of that, as well.

Just so you all know I haven’t been slouching around on you. We’re cool like that, right?


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