New Iteration of Chazz Lyon’s “Gone Cinema Poaching” Finally Online

It took long enough, and there was more than a fair share of blood, sweat and – (more sweat? Hmm.) – on everyone else’s part to go around, but – it’s up. Sure, there’s still a couple of buttons missing, and more than a few that are still inactive currently, but as it stands, it’s a hot-pink beauty of a main page – with new material by the previous resident staffers, including Mr. Heath Jr., of that infamous Match Cuts, to boot.

I’m not quite sure on a specific date, but I’ll probably have two relatively meaty pieces up on the site within the next week, or so – I’m not sure if I should say just what they’re concerned with, just yet, as that might very well jinx my good fortune in moving through them fluidly. But, they’re a real pair of humdingers, the both of them. Click the logo above to observe, if that’s what thrills you.


Also, since I know more than a few of you are wondering, the Cory McAbee/Bobby Lurie interview should be up relatively soon – sometime within this week or early the next, if the weather holds clear long enough. They say there’s going to be yet more snow – another four inches, at least. But, I suppose we’ll see.

And, there’s another batch of reviews coming up, tomorrow night or the next. Plus, some other stuff, as well. Might be some kind of article on  something or other – I’ll have to look again to make sure.



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