I Can’t Feel My Toes – February 11th, 2010

This is really quite strange. It seems like I’ve fallen into a habit of posting only once every two weeks – I’m not quite sure why, really. There’s probably a couple of reasons, but the skim of it is – it’s completely unintentional, and it’s something I’m not very happy with. So, hopefully, we’ll be gaining a lot more speed around here in the coming weeks. To wit, here’s some of the choicest bits of meat about to be slapped on the grill:

– Either tomorrow or the next day, another of my patented triple-threat posts, this one concerning The Hughes Brother’s recent post-apocalyptic mishmash The Book of Eli, James Cameron’s behemoth Avatar, and that oddly under-appreciated gem, Marc Forster’s Quantum of Solace, which is – in my mind – the best of the latter two Bond films. So, no. I haven’t been spending a lot of time down at the Angelika or the Inwood, of late, obviously.

– An interview with Cory McAbee, director of that wonderfully bizarre post-musical The American Astronaut, and producer Bobbie Lurrie about their newest film, Stingray Sam – and their musical project, The Billy Nayer Show.

– Finger’s-crossed hopefully, the unveiling of the new Gone Cinema Poaching home-page, and all that that might pertain.

– Another piece by in-house writer grouchy87, although he hasn’t informed me of just what it would be on, just yet. More power to him, I say.

– And, yes I’m going there, more – to wit. Now might be a good time to throw it out there, before I issue  a formal “press-release” to the LAMB hub. That is to say, Grouchy and I are carrying the flame, but we can’t be the only ones. And so, we’re looking for more writers – either full or in-part, who might be willing to submit their work to the world at large under The Filmist headboard. If any of you cats are interested, just shoot an email over to henry.thefilmist.j0@gmail.com, with the subject line, “Help Wanted?” Please, include a sample of your own writing – as small or as long as you’d like, but it must be something you consider a proper example of “what you can do.” And, then we’ll jump off from there, I suppose.

Outside my window, there’s a foot of snow and growing. The ground is covered in frothy white slush – and, we haven’t seem snow like this in a while. It’s actually sticking to the roads, in a fine powder. Cars are driving much more thoughtfully than usual.  Those of you in colder climates might not realize just how rare this is for Dallas, outside of the bare-end of December. But – man, when it comes, it just comes. It’s still going as hard and as pummeling as it was this morning, when I walked to the corner store.

I wish I knew how to make Cocoa. Oh, dear.

henryjbaugh (The Filmst)

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