“Best of the 2000’s” – Discussion the Third

– “The Best of the Decade Project” is an ongoing series of essays written by Match Cuts and The Filmist concerning the finest films of the last ten years.



For those thusly interested, Glenn has posted the third of our planned discussions – though, of course, they’re completely unrehearsed – comparing and contrasting our picks for the eight-spot on our respective lists of the Best of the Decade. It’s a real humdinger (or a corker, whichever you prefer), I think – and, you can find it here.




Oh, and ‘fore I go off forgetting, like I do, I’d like to take a minute and mention Pathogen, the zombie movie written and directed in 2005 by then-twelve year old Emily Hagen, now seventeen.  Being that it was a movie made by a twelve year old, you’ve got to take for granted the lack of budget, the bad sound (because it was filmed on a video camcorder),  and the use of her mother’s office as a science laboratory  – but, behind all that, Hagen’s burgeoning directorial talent really does shine through. It’s raw, and it’s unfocused, and it’s more than a little hazy a lot of the time, but it’s there. She knows how to frame a shot, which is certainly more than I can say for me at twelve – I tried to do the same thing, once. And, all that came of it, at the end of the day, was a fumbling shot of feet running through the lawn of the local old folk’s home.

So, good on her, and I can’t wait to see what she does next.

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