Interesting Trailer

This new The 4th Kind film is getting more and more intriguing the more I read about it – as a subject, it’s always interested me, and while I can’t say the prospect of Milla Jovavich as an actress excites me, I love that they’re using real footage interspersed with the rest of the film, although I do expect it to be a little jarring, the jump from the actor portraying some character or another into their flesh-and-blood counterparts. And, couldn’t they have found a more convincing way to say ‘all of this is based on true events, for real this time’ than to have the actress come and say “hi, I’m Milla Jovavich,” and so on? That was a little silly. Still, there is some very interesting imagery here, like the shifting eyes of the owl and that last piece of footage before the end credit.

Personally, I’m actually more interested in seeing something done with mass-sightings, and all of that. Consider: a fictional narrative taking place within the framework of the sightings at Tenochtitlan in 1990 and through into 2008 with the Chicago O’Hare airport incident, and with a subplot inspired by that weirdly prophetic Art Bell caller from 1997, or Gary McKinnon.

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