Shots/Review – All Those Pinks and Greens and Other Unnatural Colors (Andrew Stanton’s “WALL-E”)

From Andrew Stanton’s “WALL-E”

Since I never bothered to fully set down my thoughts on the film, here’s a micro-small jot-down, and I’m probably in the minority, with this. The first half is intriguing initially, due to the lack of dialogue and it’s reliance on physical comedy of the Chaplinesque variety (I say it’s Chaplinesque. Other people seem to want to compare the character to Buster Keaton, but Keaton was a stoic in the midst of frenzied situations – WALL-E, the character, is not), but I was far less interested in that than I was on the second portion of the film, on the ship.

Here, the film takes a far broader turn, in terms of scope, and while some might say that the satire here is a bit too broad (and in certain places, I might tend to agree – yes, yes “stay the course,” okay), there’s more than enough ideas here to counter that, although it does seem to rely on a basic formula that does lose a little of it’s power by the film’s end, and there’s a resolution so convoluted that I still can’t wrap my head around it – with Eve somehow resurrecting WALL-E’s personality through a ‘kiss,’ after all seems lost. Emotionally, it makes sense, but there still needs to be some logic to it. A bleak ending, as some have suggested, isn’t the answer, as that wouldn’t feel organic in the overall context of the film – but, if they’d just found a way past this one contention —

Still, Pixar finally seems to have gotten over their visual hump, and have finally let their ‘camera’ loose to move, outside of the conventional measurements they’d set up for themselves previously. Lights and lines, here and there, and I’m sure this is thanks in no small part to Roger Deakins working as the cinematographer (or, the animation equivalent, as has been brought up to me before).

Interesting. This is basically a ramshackle collection of notes, and I’ll probably write something a bit longer later on, but this doesn’t do too bad a disservice, at the moment.


34 thoughts on “Shots/Review – All Those Pinks and Greens and Other Unnatural Colors (Andrew Stanton’s “WALL-E”)

  1. Joé McKen says:

    Fine review, and I do agree with most of it.

    Just thought I’d point something out (SIWOTI strikes again): there is actually some decent logic behind the ending where WALL·E “magically” gets his memory back. Think of it like a computer (which he is, anyway) which works with two types of memory: long-term (hard drive) and short-term (RAM). Basically, when he was zapped, it’s WALL·E’s RAM memory that was destroyed and subsequently replaced when EVE changed out his motherboard. We never see any indication that his core, his hard drive, was hit or affected.

    So basically, WALL·E’s “operating system” (suck on that, Vista), which worked from his RAM, was wiped clean to “manufacture default” or whatever the proper phrasing is, and that’s how he operated for a little while. When EVE came along and “kissed” him, I daresay the spark somehow kickstarted the process of writing from the Hard Drive to his RAM (if that hadn’t been going on already), and after a few moments, WALL·E was back to himself, recognizing EVE and everything.

    A nice mix of a fairy tale with basic computer sciences. Another thing I like about ‘WALL·E’.

    • henryjbaugh says:

      I don’t know. That may be the case, but that certainly isn’t how it came across. It just seemed a little unnecessary, really.

      Still, one of the things I did particularly enjoy was the ‘define Earth’ sequence, and then the mirroring sequence later on, when the Captain plugs into Eve’s camera footage – I thought that was interesting, the use of the screen and perspective. But, I can’t understand Stanton’s almost intentional “no, really. It’s not an environmental movie, no really.” I understand that he was trying to distance it from that, but a) it’s very much a part of the finished film, including that song over the credits, and b) it’s nothing to be ashamed of, which was the impression he’d given in interviews.

  2. Joé McKen says:

    I doubt he was ashamed of the film’s pro-liberal/environmental movie (and that that’s what he set out to make in the first place, regardless of the end result), but either way, of course he has to deny it. Openly embracing and admitting his film is pro-environmentalist will piss off the conservatives (or alot of them, anyway), which can’t be good for the box office. It’s just common sense. Or so it seems like to me.

  3. joemcken says:

    … I meant to say, rather, “Uber-Liberal Pro-Choicer Misanthropic Gay-Marriage-approving Atheistic Smartass Teenager”. More accurate, see.

  4. joemcken says:

    I know. Maybe an acronym …?



    … I’ll get back to you.

    (And our favorite crank is back. You know where.)

  5. henryjbaugh says:


    Well, it’s a long, strange and twisting passage, are these e-relations. Who would have thought you’d defend me, even?


  6. Joé McKen says:

    Well perhaps you should spread word about your site around then. Place more links in more places. Make sure you’re SEO-optimized and such. Google around, lots of useful stuff.

  7. Joé McKen says:

    Hey, is it just me or is the comment placement screwed up here?

  8. Joé McKen says:

    Okay, my final leeching of your bandwidth with this comment: I’ve decided to start a new blog. Do you think “Preliator pro Causa” sounds too smartass for a blog title? Or is it just right?

    • henryjbaugh says:

      Is it basically the same material as Respectful Defiance?

      • Joé McKen says:

        Mostly the same, but I intend to make it a little more “friendly” than RD currently comes across as being (so it seems to be anyway). It’s also gonna be a tad more personal. And entries might be a bit less long in general.

        Also, you win teh Interwebz if you can figure out what the new blog title means. 😉

        And I have no idea what your previous reply meant.

      • henryjbaugh says:

        It looks like Latin, but I haven’t written a lick of Latin in the longest time.

        You must explain things like SEO-optimization, and so on. I come from an Irish family, you see. These computer-devices are new to us.

      • Joé McKen says:

        Huh. Thought “Baugh” was of Welsh descent, not Irish. Ah well.

        Well SEO simply means “Search Engine Optimization” – ie. making your blog appear more often, and higher-ranked, in Google and such. Plenty of little tweaks you can do, though – hang on, you’re with

        … Scratch my last, there isn’t a dang thing you can do with You can’t even modify the freakin’ code … that’s just insulting. Hence why I’m sticking with Blogger.

        And finally, yes, that’s Latin. FSM Bless English-to-Latin online translators. 😉

      • henryjbaugh says:

        Most of my advertising comes from fellow armchair film fanatics placing my name in their sidebar – but, I do pop up in google quite a bit, actually. Surprisingly, even.

  9. Joé McKen says:

    Bah, doesn’t beat my favorite …

    “There are three leading causes of death amongst terrorists. The first two are Jack Bauer. The third is from a heart attack when they learn Jack Bauer is coming for them.”

    … Muches lulz.

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