Two Interesting Essays

In trying to delay the time before I actually have to post more of my writing, here’s a couple of interesting essays from two frequently read sites that I thought I’d throw up for everyone else’ reading pleasure.


“Liberations of Mind, Spirit, and Vision: The Fall, a film directed by Tarsem” – by Daniel Garrett

” For me, the film is first about the relationship between two people, an American silent film stuntman and a young Romanian girl: in a California hospital, he is depressed by the accident that has paralyzed him and the broken relationship with the woman he loves, and she is recovering from an arm broken while working in orange groves with her family; and, secondly, the film is about storytelling, specifically about a fable the stuntman tells the girl of betrayed love, personal and social violation, and justice that takes place in different parts of the globe, involving mythic characters. The film is a tribute to the silent film age and one of its themes is the costs of storytelling (it has cost the stuntman his body and his lover; and it threatens the well-being of the young girl).”

– which can be located here.


“Do We Need A New Hero? (Is There Any Escape From The Noise?): George Miller’s ‘Happy Feet'” – by Dr. Devo

“Miller went finds the lyrics: abstractisation sets (both showers), temptation and denial, then cohabitation of photo-realism of certain plans with Impressionism turnerien of others who, moreover, will not prevent the cold the synthesis itself (great idea reflections in plexiglass, because in both film, screenplay and theoretical), increasing quality and media, gaming perspective, and ignoble about accuracy! This last part in a foreign land is unbelievable. Miller then approximates a form that is his alone and that found in any beauty in Lorenzo’s Oil: a sensitive consistency that has, by itself, especially pushing the film toward abstraction and the most unbridled lyricism. One could think of a grand son of Ken Russell if you do not already know the animal Miller.”

(This is originally a French essay, and the above is a translation filtered through what Google Translator could give me, which is still very readable and coherent, though there is probably a better one out there, no doubt. In any case, it’s worth a read). It can be found here.


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